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Making Love Radio

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07/07/17--In today's show Colette will be talking to you about "Low Sexual Desire In Men". She will explore biological, psychological, relationship and sexual development factors that impact sexual desire in men.

06/30/17--In today's show Colette will be talking to you about libido, what it really is, and what factors impact it. "Libido: Your Life Energy".

06/23/17--In this show Colette will be talking about The Struggles of Couples with "Mismatched Libidos".

06/16/17--In this show Colette will interview Andrea Miller, author of "Radical Acceptance": The Secret to Happy, Lasting Love. They will talk about the transformative power of unconditional love in a couple's relationship.

06/09/17--In this show Colette will interview Michelle Weiner-Davis about her new book: "Healing From Infidelity". They will talk about how couples can mend their marriages and rebuild trust after the devastation of an affair.

06/02/17--In this show Colette will interview Sheri Winston, author of the award winning book: "Women's Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure".

05/26/17--In this show Colette will interview Dr. Greg Baer, author of "Real Love in Marriage". Unconditional love is what we all seek, but most of us have never really experienced it.

05/19/17--In this show Colette will interview Dr. Diana Hoppe, award-winning author of the book: "Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You: What Your Libido Reveals About Your Love Life"
5/12/17--In this show Colette will interview hormone specialist, Jeff Pollock, PA-C. Jeff will teach us "How Hormones Affect Our Sexuality".

05/07/17--In this show Colette will interview Dr. Mark Malan, about how he helps couples "Heal From Psycho-Sexual Shame in Intimate Relationships ".

04/28/17--Back with us today is Dr. Lindsey Gibson to talk about her best selling book, "Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents".

4/21/17-- Colette will be interviewing Dr. Lindsay Gibson, author of the ground-breaking article: "What Sex Means To A Man"

4/14/17--Colette will interview a couple who have an exceptionally loving relationship due, in part, to their frequent sexual intimacy- "Making Love Really Does Make More Love."