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Relationship Communication Skills Workshop

Malan Relationship Heath is an IPC Certified Couple Communication / Collaborative Marriage Skills Provider. Our program will dramatically improve how you connect and problem solve.

Content of the Program

Caring — Relationship Therapy in Ogden, UT
Effective communication flows out of self-awareness and skill in communicating awareness, particularly about issues. You will learn how to:
  • Distinguish types of issues.
  • Use the Awareness WheelTM, a practical map for understanding issues and the foundation for communication skills. Reflect on and expand your awareness through the Self-Talk process.
  • Apply six talking skills for expressing yourself more clearly when it is important.
  • Understand how caring or uncaring attitudes and skilled or unskilled communication affect the way you and your partner relate.

Partner — Relationship Therapy in Ogden, UT
Relationships grow with attentive listening and accurate understanding of one another.

  • You will learn how to: Identify poor listening behaviors and attentive listening behaviors.
  • Apply five practical listening skills for tuning in to your partner.
  • Experience the power of the Listening CycleTM for getting to the heart of your partner's concern.

Conflicts — Relationship Therapy in Ogden, UT
The way you and your partner handle conflicts determines your satisfaction with the outcomes and each other. You will learn how to:

  • Recognize your typical patterns for handling disagreements.
  • Set comfortable procedures for managing conflicts.
  • Combine the talking and listening skills in an 8-step collaborative conflict-resolving process, called Mapping an Issue.

Communication — Relationship Therapy in Ogden, UT
Partners respond as much to how something is said as to what is said. You will learn to:

  • Identify the characteristics of four distinct styles of talking and listening.
  • Recognize the positive and negative impacts of each style.
  • Apply skills to increase meaningful conversations or decrease stressful exchanges.
  • Understand the impact of mixed messages and how to deal with them.
  • Integrate the Styles of CommunicationTM with all COUPLE COMMUNICATION I skills and concepts.
It was absolutely liberating! Our arguments were literally mine fields. Now we know where all the bombs are buried, and which ones are duds. These are life skills.
- V. & R. Robinson
Rock Hill, South Carolina
How important is communication to your relationship?

Teaches couples how to experience deeply caring interpersonal connection and problem solving through a practical set of talking and listening skills:

Session I - Choosing Communication Styles TM expands your awareness and choices for communicating effectively in a variety of situations.
Session II - Caring About Yourself uses the Awareness Wheel TM to
help you better understand yourself and talk about issues efficiently.
Session III - Caring About Your Partner applies the Listening Cycle TM to assist you in connecting with and understanding your partner better.
Session IV - Resolving Conflicts: Mapping Issues guides you in resolving important and complicated issues collaboratively.
Participating in this course was the best investment we have made so far in our two-plus years of marriage. I expect this investment to improve our marriage in the years ahead.
- G. & G. Peterson